Fall ’10 Premieres: What I’ll Be Watching

Posted on September 24, 2010


It is FANTASTIC to be done with college and back home! One of my favorite parts is that I can finally watch TV. I went for 3 1/2 long years without TV, and I’ve been working to make up for the lack of time ever since.

And is it just me, or are there several new shows starting up this season? I guess it’s understandable, with the departure of 24, Lost, and whatever that other show was. But now on to the good stuff.

Since I can’t keep up with everything as it airs, I’m going to be watching several favorites on DVD:  Burn Notice, Grey’s Anatomy, Friday Night Lights, and the final season of 24 when it comes out. Psych and Lost are on the waiting list.

But as for current seasons?

I’m  unashamedly proud and excited about getting to watch my favorite shows. So here’s the list, people, in all its glory:

1) Glee

I decided to go with the obvious one first. Even when the first season was airing during school, I was able to go off-campus and watch online. I still remember watching the first airing of the pilot in May of last year – ya know, the one-time airing? Then I had to wait an entire 3 months before the they decided to air the first 9 episodes. I was a crazy fan then, and I still am now. My only concern/hope for the show is that they don’t overdue themselves. Overexposure isn’t good for anyone, in my opinion. No, not even Gaga. I’m already a fan of the new additions to the show, and listening to Lea Michele belt is like listening to a modern, younger version of Barbara Streisand. Trust me, there’s no complaining on my end.

Pilot (Glee)

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2) How I Met Your Mother

This show has been a favorite of mine since the first two seasons came out on DVD. At the time, I was still deciding on what kind of shows I really liked. I was at college, so I didn’t have many good shows in my back pocket for those weekend trips home. One day, I was flipping channels, and got stuck on CBS when Neil Patrick Harris was winning everything on The Price Is Right. I kept thinking, what on earth is this? It was absolutely hilarious! Suddenly there’s this flashback to NPH as a little boy, convinced that Bob Barker was his father. At the time, I had also recently gotten an 80 GB video iPod. I was learning the basics of iTunes at the time. When I first started syncing it, iTunes offered a few free episodes of shows, including HIMYM. After watching Marshall and Lily get married, learning all about the “good” Backstreet Boys and how you can get whatever you want if you just say “It’s for the bride,” I knew I had to purchase the first season. From then on, it was a love-love relationship.

3) The Apprentice

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this show – before it got all celebrity. Although I continued to watch it when it was Celebrity Apprentice, I was always a bigger fan of the show when it was about real people competing for a job. This season has a great twist, using the economical dump our country is in as a backdrop for the current players on The Apprentice game board.

4) Nikita

No, it’s not because of the fantastic Shane West that I’m tuning in. Maggie Q’s skills can speak for herself–and more likely, for the ratings. She’s fantastic, and the plot is unlike anything I’ve seen in a show yet. I always have the thought in the back of my mind of how they’re going to continue the obscurity factor, but I trust the writers. Plus, it’s interesting to see 24’s old George Mason (Xander Berkeley) back in action.

5) Smallville

And for myself, this show is the best – which is why I saved it for last.  It’s all about loyalty, people. I’ve been told by everyone and their mother about how they can’t believe the show’s still airing, that it’s lame, or that it’s lost too much of its main cast to be good anymore. Obviously, I’m going to defend and continue to watch the show I’ve been watching since my junior high days. I am more than stoked about the upcoming and final season of the superman saga. I have high hopes for Michael Rosenbaum’s return as Lex Luthor, among other characters. The stakes and viewers’ expectations are high. I sure hope the producers can deliver.

I gotta make up for lost time, ya know? :-)

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