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Blogging and Why It Is Completely Awesome

November 4, 2011


I never did the online diary thing in junior high or high school. I think I might have saved myself a world full of drama with friends. But around the end of high school, I started my first Blogger blog. I had never done the blogging thing before and wanted to get in, kind of […]

Past Relationship Rules

February 22, 2011


It’s amazing how something as simple as a relationship between a boy and a girl could get so complicated. But for that relationship to retain its complication when the relationship has ended? Please step into the “even more complex” circle and join hands. I was listening to the radio this week, and there was a […]

No, I Will Not Allow It

January 26, 2011


Well, to let my new blog entirely take away from this one. It’s true – film is my *wait for it* passion. Ugh, I feel like calling it “my passion” is so cliché, but you’ll just have to deal with it. It is what it is. The whole point is this blog is that it’s about […]

My Life Would Suck WITH You

December 14, 2010


It’s the end of the year, and it’s time to reflect on what’s happened in 2010. And while there are many lessons I have learned from the mistakes I have made, there is one that sticks out brighter than the rest: life is a cleansing process. We have to clean out our lives from time […]

The Bechdel Test

November 3, 2010


Movies. Women. I am soooo all over this.  Anyone who knows me really well would understand how this topic is PERFECT for me! I’m a regular reader of the official HIMYM blog (check it!). Recently, the blog’s writer started (or maybe resurrected?) a new blog called AllMyLiesAreWishes. While reading that blog, I stumbled on a post called […]

ProBlogger: 10 Questions That Will Always Make You Better

October 22, 2010


Larry Brooks guest writes for the blog, ProBlogger. I was so inspired after reading this post, I knew I just had to share this! Since re-blogging wasn’t an option on the page, I decided that I would add a link to the post. I hope it will inspire you too. Brooks’s blog is another […]