Happiness List

Through the blogosphere, I found this post about writing happiness lists. I thought it was an absolutely stellar idea and decided to take the time to write one myself, even if I have to write it over time.

1) Buying songs on iTunes

2) Jim and Pam on The Office

3) Starbucks Caramel Apple Ciders on cold winter days

4) Christmas radio in November

5) Spending the holidays with my family

6) Looking at pictures from high school and before

7) Playing handbells

8) The Hunger Games

9) Josh Groban music year round

10) How I Met Your Mother

11) Memorizing the lyrics to Dr. Horrible and Chess the musical

12) Having long, unexpected conversations with friends

13) Fall

14) White Sox, Bulls, and Blackhawks games live

15) Pie

16) Surprises

17) Setting out and accomplishing things

18) Live concerts

19) Answers to prayer

20) Friendship

21) Extended family

22) Pitch black at night

23) Summer nights

24) Strawberry lemonade

24) Connecting with unexpected people

25) Blogging

26) Reading

27) Teaching piano

28) Playing piano

29) Going to the movies

30) Smell of wood, fresh paint, pine, or pumpkin

31) Christmas movies on Thanksgiving

32) New haircuts

33) Paychecks

34) Fridays

35) Compliments

36) Fireplaces

37) Dogs

38) Downtown Chicago

39) Musicals

40) Dinner with friends

41) Movie trailers

42) Film scores

43) Chicken nuggets with Ranch

44) Soccer

45) Working out

46) Learning new things

47) Exposure to great music I never knew existed

48) Playing percussion

49) Getting my hair done

50) Open windows in the car

51) Shopping when I have the money

52) Giving unexpected gifts to people

53) SNL Digital Shorts with Andy Samberg

54) Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

55) Dessert

56) Wrapping a gift really well

57) Baking

58) Wearing matching scarves and gloves

59) Inspiration from films and books

60) Glasses on boys

61) Nerds who aren’t know-it-alls

62) Eating a spoonful of icing

63) Fresh flowers

64) Spontaneous trips

65) Silly string

66) Making lists

67) Straightening my hair

68) Making others laugh

69) Supportive tennis shoes

70) Getting new emails

71) Writing for no reason at all

72) Craigslist

73) Encouragement from godly friends

74) Appreciating the sweet amidst the sour

75) Quotes

76) Jingle All The Way and Happy Gilmore

77) Charlie Sheen’s “Winning” motto

78) Ballet flats

79) Cute boots

80) Jon Schmidt music

81) Jay Sean’s “Down”

82) Trying to rap

83) Sunny weather

84) Lord of the Rings

85) Acceptance

86) Forgiveness

87) Getting moved by an unsuspecting film

88) Woody Harrelson in Zombieland

89) Curly hair on men

90) Hot showers and long baths

91) Candles

92) Pandora

93) Fiction

94) Crossing things off lists

95) Funny or Die videos

96) Dr. Pepper

97) Tweeting

98) Vacation days

99) Candy stores

100) Vintage wall art



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