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Pictures to Keep (Burn)

October 19, 2011


Since I moved, I’ve been making frequent trips back and forth between my family’s house and my new apartment to lug over the next set of junk I forgot to bring over the first time. Last time, I lost track of time looking through old photos. And then I came across a picture of me […]

My Go-Tos

August 25, 2011


Everyone has a go-to for something. Guilty pleasure. Dessert. Chick flick.  Uplifting song or favorite soundtrack. Gossip blog. Comedy show. You name it, you have something or someone that you go to in those desperate moments you crave solitude, peace, or some serious leisure time. These are mine: Guilty Pleasure: Keeping Up with the Kardashians […]

Goodbye, Almeida

August 18, 2011


This past weekend I said goodbye to the car that not only got me through college, but also got me through high school. I see it fit to pay a little homage to my life-saving car, Almeida, by highlighting some moments we shared. And if you think I’m getting too oddly sentimental with my car, […]

What’s Luck Got to Do with It?

July 22, 2011


Obviously inspiration for the title came from a song title. I’ll let you figure that one out on your own though. : ) I’ve been thinking about the idea of luck. Many people have told me I’m so lucky. After all, I’ve won front row tickets to see Wicked four times (my name pulled twice, […]

What I’m Listening To

April 14, 2011


I love when I’m able to branch out and listen to new genres of music I never would have considered in the past.  Music is constantly evolving, and so is my taste in it. I’m always looking for something new to listen to. Here’s what makes my current favorites list:  Katie Melua – “No Fear […]

Reacher vs. Settler, Take 2

April 13, 2011


Gleaning inspiration from none other than the awesome sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, I wrote a post a while back about the idea of Reachers vs. Settlers. You can view the post here. But with more time gone by, more experiences, and more thinking, I have more to add to the idea. First, let […]