Why “((backstage_spotlight))”?

I know from first glance, it might look a little strange. And then when you say it out loud, you’re thinking, Whaaaaaat?

Actually, I’d be fine if that’s your response.

But for the enjoyable sake of explaining, I’ll explain:

The word backstage suggests a place that is hidden or behind something. Spotlight references something that has  light focusing on it. When you put the two words together, it almost sounds like an oxymoron. Ultimately, my goal was to create a unique name that would “shine the light on something hidden.”

Obviously, I don’t live a famous (or infamous) life in the spotlight. And that’s totally fine! Because I wanted to shine some light on a dimmer place – on topics, subjects, or random thoughts that you don’t always hear about. Now, not everything’s going to be “different” that I write about. But everything I do write about is going to be some kind of reflection of ideas, beliefs, opinions, interests, or just sheer randomness that comes from my mind.

And well . . . that’s definitely different.

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