Isn’t It Ironic? Don’t Ya Think?

Posted on May 22, 2012


In a time when I can’t find the words to describe my feelings, Alanis Morisette nails it with her song Ironic.

Yesterday, I read a post entitled “Everybody Deserves a Broken Heart.” It amazes me how our lives are not coincidental, and although I like to occasionally call life ironic, I know there’s a bigger plan taking place, above and beyond me.

Everybody really does deserve a broken heart. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I’ve hurt a lot of people. And I’ve had my share of being hurt by others, I’ve felt the pain and sadness from someone making a mistake against me, from someone intentionally or unintentionally hurting me.

And in the throws of a current pain, I’m incredibly thankful that I suffered from a broken heart back in college. Someone took my heart and played baseball with it. I lost a piece of it and never got it back. And like every other person who has ever experienced tragic, raw heartbreak, you feel unable to escape the pain. You’re in withdrawal. You might struggle eating, sleeping, and carrying on with normal, everyday tasks. You feel as if no one has ever experienced the deep pain that you’re feeling. You have the inability to express quite how terrible you feel. You get tired of crying, and you want to move on, but you know that everything has its time and place, and right now is the time for you to wallow in some heavy sorrow.

Heartbreak sucks. Anyone would agree with me on that one. Somehow, after dealing with that painful experience back in college, I finally believe that I can get past problems, that they are not bigger than me, but that with the passing of time–and my faith in Christ–that I can start fresh again someday, able to move past mistakes and pain and difficult times that work hard to keep me down.

I love comparing life situations to certain parts of movies. Most movies are pretty inaccurate in terms of realistically describing and painting a circumstance, but every now and then, a movie gets a scene right, or a line or two, or an emotion that describes exactly how you feel, or gives you the courage to step up and say something you should have said a long time ago, or impresses upon your heart a thought or belief that you felt conflicted about before seeing that scene or hearing those lines.

I just happened to see a movie this week that had a line or two that really hit home. It wasn’t coincidence. It wasn’t ironic. It was meant to happen. Just like my mistakes.

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