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Being in Your Twenties Sucks — Confessions of a Frustrated and Confused 24-Year-Old

June 25, 2012


When you’re in middle school, you’re informed that high school is a “rough place,” but that it’s fun. You start off at the bottom of the food chain again, but by your senior year, you’ll probably have had your first boyfriend, your first kiss, your college picked out, and the assurance of what you’re meant […]

You Throw Like a Girl

November 12, 2010


  It’s interesting to look through history and see the upward climb women have made. But before I go farther, let me clear something up. I’m not a feminist. I’m also not a victim that many like to play because women used to not have the same privileges men had. But I am an editor. So I […]

The Bechdel Test

November 3, 2010


Movies. Women. I am soooo all over this.  Anyone who knows me really well would understand how this topic is PERFECT for me! I’m a regular reader of the official HIMYM blog (check it!). Recently, the blog’s writer started (or maybe resurrected?) a new blog called AllMyLiesAreWishes. While reading that blog, I stumbled on a post called […]