Getting Thankful a Few Weeks Early

Posted on November 8, 2011


Thanksgiving is the most over-looked, forgotten-about holiday. Everybody knows this. Why I felt inclined to write it out, I’m not sure, but I’m reiterating the age-old truth that Halloween and mainly the craziness of Christmas steals away the idea of giving much thought to the holiday of Thanksgiving.

Even so, I’m really thankful for Thanksgiving. Here’s a little list of reasons:

1) Family time

2) Time off from work

3) A feast . . . just because

4) Pie

5) An excuse to get together with friends

6) Awesome Black Friday deals

7) No need for giving gifts

8) Time for sleeping in

9) Homemade bread

10) Getting to see my uncle

My friend, Jennie, has been making a continuing list of things she’s thankful for . . . all the way up to 1000! Check out the most recent set of 50 things she’s thankful for here.

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