Blogging and Why It Is Completely Awesome

Posted on November 4, 2011


I never did the online diary thing in junior high or high school. I think I might have saved myself a world full of drama with friends. But around the end of high school, I started my first Blogger blog. I had never done the blogging thing before and wanted to get in, kind of like trying to get in to prom 10 years later (in case you were wondering, that was a HIMYM reference). In my beginning college years, I took after a roommate–switched from Blogger to WordPress. And I’ve never turned back. Although I will admit that I probably would never personally open up online the way I did back then (Oh, come on . . . I’m talking 4-5 years ago! I’m not that old.), I don’t regret starting a blog.

The sad thing back then is, that I didn’t have any friends who blogged. And those who knew I blogged either didn’t read mine, or let me know they had no interest in writing or reading a blog. I chalk it up to ignorance, or really just lack of knowledge. If you look at what’s big today, you’ve probably realized that almost everything that is anything is posted online nowadays. And with newspapers and magazine companies going out of business with this new trend to publish online versus paper (oh, save the trees! kidding . . . ), more people in the writing and publishing business are out of jobs as publishing houses continue to shut down.

But then there’s this awesome, completely free service of blogging. And anyone who can type and have thoughts can take part in it. And it really doesn’t even matter what your goal is–personally express yourself, share recipes, photos, traveling, relationship advice–the list goes on and on and on–and you can have a blog. And with it, you can connect with other people, and share with them as they share their thoughts with you. It’s amazing to see movies like Julie and Julia–thanks to a “little blog that could,” we get a 2 1/2 hour movie with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. It’s neat to see the blogging world quickly intertwining itself into the insane media pool of today.

Whatever your reason for blogging, or reading blogs, or taking some part in that of a blog–cheers to that, and cheers to you. It’s great to be able to freely express yourself online and share with others. And thanks to the few people who have stuck with me, read my random thoughts, and encouraged me along the way.

Instead of Facebooking about Facebook, I’m blogging about blogging. Great, isn’t it?