Pictures to Keep (Burn)

Posted on October 19, 2011


Since I moved, I’ve been making frequent trips back and forth between my family’s house and my new apartment to lug over the next set of junk I forgot to bring over the first time. Last time, I lost track of time looking through old photos. And then I came across a picture of me and and part of my past. It’s weird how looking at photos can cause this eery, nostalgic feeling all over when your mind links memories to faces.

And now I have these pictures, and I don’t know what to do with them. If I ask any of my friends (those who knew him), they’ll immediately inform me to get rid of them, because the ending of that relationship was negative. Therefore, the pictures must represent the ability of only bringing negative feelings.

OK, so I didn’t ask anyone, but I assumed that would be the overall consensus.

And then that horrible Taylor Swift song popped into my head: Pictures to Burn. Who came up with this terrible song? Oh wait, that was Taylor Swift (bad memory). Sorry to all the Taylor Swift diehards, but listening to this girl try to sing is like trying not to cringe when someone drives over your toes. Painful and impossible. I realize she’s young and pertinent to a younger audience, but after her first album, it’s like she sat down after a break up and penned the whiniest lyrics I’ve ever heard. To add insult to injury, (yeah, I just did that), she seems to have the whining part down really well when she sings. Now, if I were to wear giant glasses (for decorative purposes, of course), whine that “he belongs with me,” as opposed to the “evil brunette” girl that stole him away from me, or explain that nothing is more painful than being 15 years old, or convince myself that a prince will talk to my father as long as I don’t screw something up in December, then I would definitely just pen my own set of lyrics, mail them to the first recording company that would have me, and then auto-tune the hell out of my voice and get millions of fans.

But alas, I do not live in Taylor Swift land, so taking her advice on what to do with said pictures (burn them), seems a little illogical. Not to mention, I really can’t light a match without freaking out and dropping it, and even if I did successfully start a fire, please don’t ask me to put it out.

So all this begs the question, what do I do with the pictures? Burning them is out of the question (far too messy), but keeping them seems like I’m refusing to let go of the past. And do online copies count? Or is it just the hard copies we should toss in our paper shredders?

Not to mention, I think I miss the specific memories of the pictures far more than the person. Does that give me a reason to keep them?