10/4 Update

Posted on October 4, 2011


I haven’t written an update on my life in quite a while! I went through my archives to see the last time I wrote an update – * drum roll please * – March 2010! Eighteen months ago! That update is so much different from today’s.

There’s been some exciting things happening in my life since I wrote last. I’ve been wanting to write and document them, but I haven’t been able to find the time. Perhaps I am beginning to relate to blog writer JD of the popular HIMYM blog, who constantly claimed he was too busy to write a weekly post on the most recently aired episode last season. I was one of the dubbed “complainers” by him, but maybe karma is catching up with me. Except for the lack of complaints I receive for not writing. But that’s OK. My life and HIMYM have a very different fan base.

Some things I plan to write about, hopefully close to the weekend:

  • My trip to Connecticut/New York/Boston
  • My first apartment!
  • My Facebook faux pas (inspiration, thanks to this Freshly Pressed post)
  • And some hilariously edited videos starring Tom Hanks that Jennie and I shared a laugh over (such as this one . . . )
I’ll end this post with mentioning that Moneyball was an awesome movie. And not because of Brad Pitt or a sports movie cliche, but because it was just a great movie. And it appears that critics nationally agree with me. Now, if I could just go see 50/50 . . .