My Go-Tos

Posted on August 25, 2011


Everyone has a go-to for something. Guilty pleasure. Dessert. Chick flick.  Uplifting song or favorite soundtrack. Gossip blog. Comedy show. You name it, you have something or someone that you go to in those desperate moments you crave solitude, peace, or some serious leisure time. These are mine:

Guilty Pleasure:

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Don’t ask me why. There’s something so guilting . . . and completely pleasurable about watching this family yell and cry at one another for a half hour. They all look like they just got back from the salon . . . EVERY SINGLE DAY. Their trials range from losing a $75,000 earring in a lake to fighting over the scent of a duo cologne with your husband. These problems are so out there, you wonder if ever you got famous, would you experience these woes that they suffer from, re-run after re-run on E!. Yet there’s something hysterical about watching Bruce constantly get in trouble with Kris for his selective listening, and accusations that Rob is always hung over when really he’s just suffering from appendicitis.


Snickers icecream

The moment I opened my first Snickers icecream and breathed in the waft of wonderfulness, to my first bite of it’s awe-inspiring tinge of delight, I knew Snickers icecream would make a lasting impression in my mouth. It’s a combination of the two great worlds of chocolate candy and icecream, uniting them into a single unit of awesomeness in your mouth. What more could a girl ask for in a time of tastiness need?

Chick flick:

The Wedding Date

If there were any sense as to why this is my cheesy go-to movie, I would explain it. OK, I’ll take a stab at it. Dermot Mulroney. Debra Messing’s gorgeous red hair. A wedding party partying in London. Those silly, delightful British accents. An amazing black dress. A plot that makes you want to injure one man, and kiss another. A Michael Buble soundtrack. And a step-father that makes you want to spend time with your own father. Enough said? I digress.

Uplifting song or favorite soundtrack:

Josh Groban. Josh Groban. Josh Groban.

He may not be a song or a soundtrack, but he’s my go-to music in many times of need. I used to listen to him in junior high and high school. I would stick a mix CD of my favorite songs of his into my CD player and fall asleep on a flight. I even blasted his music in my car with the windows down. Perhaps I am hypnotized by his curly tresses, but I think his voice has something to do with it. He’s either raising me up (“You Raise Me Up”), singing about ones who passed (“To Where You Are”), reminding me I’m loved (“You Are Loved”), or asking people to let him walk away (“If I Walk Away”).

Gossip blog:

Freshly Pressed and HelloGiggles

I’ll admit that Freshly Pressed is, indeed, NOT a gossip blog. It’s actually just an accumulation of typically interesting and bizarre posts by random writers, updated each day. But it’s the one I read . . . every day. There’s always something new to learn, to read about, to just find interesting. It keeps me reading. And then, of course, there’s HelloGiggles. If it weren’t for Zooey Deschanel, and following her on Facebook, I may have not come across this one for a while. But it has so many awesome posts written by so many awesome women, I can’t help but read it all the time now.

Comedy show:

How I Met Your Mother

This show just gets me. Possibly better than any family member or guy ever has. I’ve always wanted a Ted. I’ve always considered myself a Robin. I’ve always laughed at a Barney and chuckled at a Marshal. And I’ve known plenty of Lily’s. All I want is to have this type of group of friends all the time. A meeting place like MaClaren’s to meet at and talk every day. An idiot friend like Barney to constantly make fun of, and a Ted to date and eventually marry. I’m not sure if I’ll have to go to New York City to find these people, but I’m assured the move would be worth it if that were the case.