Paging Dr. Idealism

Posted on December 2, 2010


Should we shoot for the ideal, or settle for the real?

We’ve been informing one another for centuries that we must focus on only what is realistic. After all, that is all we human middle-classers are capable of achieving, yes?

Well, besides all those TV stars and Hollywooders and huge recording artists. I mean, is there really any room for anyone else to be famous?

I will stand on my damn soapbox and preach, even if only the choir listens.

STOP telling people that they can’t achieve their dreams. STOP crushing other people’s desires. STOP this process of thinking that results with only a mediocre outcome. STOP believing that you’re capable of only menial, unimportant tasks.

Whether you want to become famous or stay out of the limelight is not the issue. What is the dilemma that I watch unfold regularly is this message being taught to young and old: you can’t do that–it’s not realistic.

So we compile the list of arguable excuses that line our age-old reasoning:

You’re too young.

You don’t have enough money.

You don’t know enough.

You’re not smart enough.

You don’t know the right people.

You don’t know enough people.

You aren’t capable.

You’re just wishful thinking.

I have to imagine that Jay-Z and Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Groban and Johnny Depp must not have thought that way. OR surrounded themselves with people who didn’t believe in them.

So as I stand on my box in my high heels, I’m begging all of you quitters and non-believers (shun them!) to stop squelching voices that are screaming on the inside because your “realistic” banter overpowers them.

Everyone has a purpose. Whether you’ve set out to be famous and well-known, or prefer a life media-free, you always have one other choice to make: are you going to settle for what you consider realistic, or are you going to stretch yourself and discover that idealistic possibilities are, well, . . . possible?