Posted on November 4, 2010


Like that moment every celebrity you were sure was as straight as a ruler was really gay.

It’s always a little shocking at first, isn’t it?

But as  more people come out, it becomes a little less surprising. It’s as if there’s now a trend, and to open that closet door is the thing to do.

Shocking? Not so much anymore. People in these positions who are forced or voluntarily come out to admit a shocking surprising have been unveiled in some way or another. And the unveiling is like a brand new pen or keyboard for the media to clack it’s giant, fast fingers away to expose on the online hubbub of social networks.

The intimate, insane parts of life are taking place behind closed doors. And they have been since there were bushes to hide behind.

What I find most interesting about the unveiling is not the unveiling itself, but the look on the face of the of the one caught. Is it shame? Is it relief? Is he in denial?

Everyone can get caught. Everyone can follow the stereotype and hold the media’s curiosity for a moment. But what it seems  few can do is to get up in front of people and admit to it.

All because they thought a thin veil was enough to hide behind.

After all, it’s amazing what you might find if you just pull away the curtain.

Image Via Google Images