A Case of the Spurts

Posted on October 22, 2010


I’m such a “spurt” person. I do things in spurts.

My freshman year of college, I read a book in 2 days because it was so good. Then I read another. And another.

And then I didn’t read another book for over a year.

And now I’m back at it–the spurts. The spurts of cleaning, reading, organizing, networking, making-a-new-list-of-spurting.

So here is my current list of spurts (or things that I’m doing) in the past few weeks that are making me more than just busy.

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I am/are/have been/fill in (or take away) the verb that makes it work! . . .

  • reading an awesome screenwriting book called Save the Cat by Blake Snyder. If you have any interest in film, please READ!
  • watching Project Runway religiously.
  • deciding on buying a new computer–more than likely, an iMac–in the near future.
  • researching The Rocky Horror Picture Show in high hopes of understanding the upcoming Glee episode.
  • listening to podcasts by Pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel.
  • cleaning my room–yeah, I know, BIG surprise for anyone who’s been near it/inside it/heard rumors of it (yes, they’re probably true…)
  • putting together lots of furniture. [I’ve put together 3 tables, a chest of drawers, a make-up table, and a night stand in the past two weeks. I’ll post pictures in the near future. :D]
  • working out. Yep, back at it again. This time I’m in a contest–a sure deal to keep me motivated!
  • listening to Frankenstein the Musical. It’s around Halloween, people–no, you CANNOT judge me! Ha!

Yes. I am a multi-tasker. Also known as a woman.

Oh, and just so you know–this post that you’re reading–it’s just evidence of my spurting.

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