Saying No Isn’t So Easy,

Posted on June 25, 2010


is it?

When I think of this concept, my mind immediately flashes to the bar scene in 27 Dresses when James Marsden is trying to teach Katherine Heigl to say no.

“Can I please have 20 bucks?”

But it’s not just $20 that we’re not saying no to. Buy a new dress, open another credit card, eat another bowl of icecream, sleep another 5 minutes, and so on. I think we’re growing up in the generation of the anti-no. Instead, everyone’s asking, “Why not?”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m definitely not one of those people who says no to everything. In fact, I’m probably perfect proof of the anti-no culture that’s spreading. Just say yes to everything and take care of the finer details later! Well, we all know where that got Jim Carey on “Yes Man.”

It’s all about having that balance. I know, we all say it often, but do we really understand? Sometimes it is okay to splurge and have that extra drink. And sometimes, when your bank account’s begging you not to, you shouldn’t. Yet so many people are stuck on the extremes. I know this girl who’s just fine spending, spending, spending, but when she sees someone else doing it, she’s criticizes that person. And then I have a lot of friends who live on the safe side. The friends that religiously follow the “I don’t really need it” rule. Honestly, if we put money only towards what we needed and not ever toward what we wanted, imagine how unhappy we would be!

Studies have proven that one of the greatest mood-boosters is going out and shopping. I’m not talking about blowing your next paycheck, but freely spending a little money here and there on something that you want.

Since I graduated from college this past January, I’ve let myself go in this area. I started to spend and spend because for once in my life I had money–oh, and I could spend it on stuff I wanted! This week, I had to pull the reins in a little bit. I saw these amazing sling-back silver wedge heels online that I was dying to buy, but I knew the money had to go elsewhere. Yesterday, I figured I’d just walk into DSW to see whether they were in-store . . . and hey, maybe a little less money too. But while I was looking for the shoes, I noticed the handbags. And then another 20 minutes rolled by. I then had a pair of Sketcher tennis shoes in hand and I was looking through the handbags. Eventually, I decided I couldn’t spend another $60 or $70 on a handbag. I was so decided, I even left the tennis shoes on a seat and walked out empty-handed.

For lunch, I planned to go to Boston Market since the anniversary sale was still going. But then because of construction, I took an alternative route home, and Boston Market was far out of the way. Although nachos and salsa isn’t my ideal lunch, it worked. Oh, and it didn’t cost anything either.

So right now I’m aiming for that balance . . . the balance that says it’s okay to spend, and maybe even splurge on occasion; but when it comes time, it has to stop.

Yeah, saying no isn’t so easy . . .

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