Fun-filled Summer Weekends

Posted on June 23, 2010


Two weekends ago, my friend, Karyn, came up from Aurora to spend the weekend “celebrating my birthday.” My birthday was in mid-May, smack-dab between graduation season and Mother’s Day. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly the first day that came to most people’s minds.

We had a fantastic time! On Saturday, we drove to Six Flags, a theme park about an hour from my house. Unfortunately, we stood in line for an hour waiting for our favorite coaster to start up again. Once the rain hit, the lines got smaller, but the wait was ridiculous. It was almost noon, so we decided to leave for lunch and then return, hoping the rain would clear up. We both ordered pancake combos at Ihop. By the time we were finished eating, the rain had stopped and it looked only overcast outside. So we drove back to the park.

We literally walked onto the next 3 coasters. The rain, evidently, had scared most of the crowd away, and we welcomed the 60-degree weather. From there on, we made it a point to hit up each of our favorite coasters until we had rode all of them. Halfway through our time at the park, we were able to meet up with our friend, Katie, and her boyfriend, Andrew. The four of us decided to ride the Raging Bull three times together. It definitely helped that it happened to be all four of our favorite coaster at the park.

Around 6, Karyn and I left and headed for home. We had plans to meet up with a couple friends for dinner at Lou Malnati’s. Although one was not able to meet us, we still had a great time with our friend, Ally . . . even if we did have dinner at 9! We had been planning to go see Shutter Island at the dollar theater in Bloomingdale, but by the time we had our food and had just started eating, the movie was starting 20 minutes across town. We ended the evening at my house.

This past weekend, I decided to drive to Indiana to meet up with my best friend, Lori, and her husband, Drew. They have been newlyweds for the past month, and I was super excited since it was the first time I would get to see them since the wedding. Despite absolutely terrible weather on the Friday I left to see them, I was able to make it to Carmel, IN around 10: 45 p.m. They enlisted me into the world of Wii Fitness, and I have not been the same since! I’m wanting to buy my own now!

The next morning, Lori and I traveled for about an hour to a town with a large, outdoor outlet mall. We had a great time shopping around! Later that afternoon, we headed back to her apartment and watched TV, including the show “Baggage,” which I thought was absolutely hilarious. Drew and Lori then took me out to eat at Fazoli’s, an old-time favorite of mine that I hadn’t been to since my high school traveled to Greenville, SC for fine arts tournaments. After we finished eating, we went to see Toy Story 3, which I personally thought was the best Toy Story yet (and more than likely, ever). We finished the evening by renting Shutter Island (yes, I finally got to see it again!), and went to bed after that.

The next morning, I met up with my aunt and uncle who happened to live only about 10 minutes away from Lori and Drew. Although it was my uncle’s birthday that day, he still bought me breakfast at Denny’s. After eating, they gave me a grand tour of their apartment before  I made the trek back home. That evening, we celebrated Father’s Day with my dad, giving him gifts and cutting cake.

Overall, it was a GREAT two weekends in June thus far. I’m looking forward to more fun-filled times with friends and family to come!

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