Feelings on the Glee Finale

Posted on June 10, 2010


Since last May, when the trailer was running for the Glee  premier, I was eager to see the beginning of a show that I never could have imagined getting so big. The Pilot episode hit while I was spending time with a friend and her family in South Carolina at the time. I was moved and wanting more, only to find out that Glee wasn’t going to be starting until the coming fall.

By late August, I went off to college for my last semester. At a Christian college like mine, TVs weren’t allowed. Looking in retrospect, I suspect I would have spent way too much time watching had they been. I, however, was able to watch every one of the 13 episodes that aired that fall by going off-campus to a coffee shop. It was easier watching when I had two friends who liked the show just as much as I did! The second batch of episodes that returned in April were bigger, with more singing and dancing numbers, and no doubt, had a heck of a lot more viewers.

Needless to say, when it comes to Glee, I’m right there. I know what’s going on. Last night’s season finale was actually a little bit of a let down for me. As much as I want to glorify the musical dramady right now, I did have a few issues with the last episode . . .

First, why all of a sudden does Quinn’s mom come out of nowhere, leave her husband, and want Quinn to come home . . . on the day of her pregnancy and regionals?! It’s too scripted. The scene stripped the idea of reality from the moment. Second, why did suddenly all of the back-up male solos go to Puck instead of Artie? While I’m a huge fan of Puck (trust me . . . I am), Artie clearly has the better voice and could have done more good for them at regionals. Third (and this is the one that REALLY frustrates me), why is Rachel’s mom adopting Quinn’s baby? So . . . she messed up with her own daughter, and while she has a great opportunity to get involved in Rachel’s life again, she’s just going to start over by adopting Rachel’s classmate’s baby?! OK, OK, that’s the anti-drama in me begging for air. I guess I can take only so much unrealistic “if this, than this, could possibly turn into this, if only this” situations in a show. My last complaint was the judge’s meeting. While understandably, “show biz” people might have ridiculous tendencies, the tone and conversation that took place was entirely stupid, not to mention a repeat of what happened at sectionals. While Olivia Newton-John and Josh Groban obviously have more show choir experience and musical background than the judges at sectionals, there was still some naive, clueless news guy spouting off who knows what. I highly doubt competitions take place with the judges displaying that kind of nonprofessional behavior. In many minds, it leaves the depressing, sinking feeling of impossibility–that regardless of how one performs, some judge with no experience will write the performer off. But then again, maybe that was the feeling the writers were aiming for.

And then there were some good things. Jane Lynch, for one, has the villain down like no other. Butch and sporty and filled with testosterone, with a few good lines, Lynch nails her part. Of course, she was the one judge who would vote for New Directions to win, as well as beg the principal for Glee to have one more year. She’s at her best when she verbally gloats to Schuester, joyfully terrorizing her enemy, while past scenes of her voting for New Directions and yelling at that hilarious principal air.  There were also some great lines that cannot be forgotten: “Josh Groban, kiss my ass!” and Emma mentioning how her dentist asked her out because he was so impressed with her great oral hygiene.

My concern that Glee had gone too far in its first season and wasn’t going to have room to grow, disappeared after this last episode. Finn has told Rachel he loves her, but she has not given him a mutual response yet. I’m assuming that Finn and Santana sleeping together will come up, more than likely causing some kind of rift in Rachel and Finn’s relationship. Rachel’s mom adopting Quinn’s baby is definitely opening up room for plenty of drama for next season. There’s also been news of a “Christian” character joining the cast, opening up opportunities for there to be drama between the character and Kurt over homosexuality. And it’ll be interesting to see where the writers go with Will and Emma.

Some things I’m hoping to see next season are the “other Asian” and Mike having more than just one line (which they each spoke during the finale last night), Britney making her solo debut, and Principal Figgin’s wife to find out about his “night with Sue Sylvester.” That, and I’m curious to see how Quinn will react to Rachel’s mom adopting her baby, whether Rachel will ever find out about Mr. Schuester making out with her mom, and whether or not the two football players who always seem to pick on Finn will actually follow through with their threats.

I’m looking forward to more Glee next season. I just wonder if they’ll be able to out due themselves next time around.

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