3/10 Update

Posted on March 11, 2010


Here’s another update in my life! A lot has been going on since I last blogged.

One of the major highlights of these past few weeks has been at work. As of today, editorial and graphics (at RBP) finished a revision that was 3 years in the making. It was a great accomplishment for the company, and many celebrations will be taking place in the new few weeks! Today, we were called into a meeting by one of the heads. He started listing all the names of those involved with this project. It was amazing to see all the people who were a part of completing this huge task. For the first time, I was able to contribute to something really big–and something that will be ministering to my brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m really thankful that I get to be a part of something that has great purpose.

My sister is on Spring Break this week from NIU, and it’s been go, go, go for her since she got home. I’ve really enjoyed getting to spend some time with her, since we rarely keep in contact when she’s at school. This past Monday, I joined her and some of her friends to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. I loved it! The whole movie caught me by surprise. I was expecting something eerily strange and creepy from the mind of Tim Burton, but I was happily surprised with the film. It wasn’t necessarily directed toward young children, and it was a clean movie overall. On Tuesday, Jen was able to go out to lunch at Panera with me during my break. I’m especially looking forward to tomorrow because my family is going to see Fiddler on the Roof at the Lincoln-Marriot Theater. This is probably one of my absolute favorite things to do! There’s nothing like going to see a good musical for me.

OF COURSE . . . I saw the Oscars. And it was the very first time I have ever watched them all the way through. While most people are probably commenting on the best and worst dressed and so on, I don’t really have a lot of detailed comments about it. All I can really say is that I enjoyed NPH’s opening, Steve Martin’s humor, Demi Moore’s dress, The Hurt Locker’s Best Director award, and Ben Stiller’s ridiculous costume. Hilarious.

I’ve also been keeping up with American Idol (obviously!!). I’m rooting for Lee from Chicago because not only does he have a great voice and look, but . . . he’s also from Chicago. Chicago didn’t send many people to Hollywood this season, and the other 2 Chicagoans have already been booted off the top 24. It’s all up to Lee now. The Bachelor is over, and now Parenthood is taking over for me. I’ve really enjoyed the first two episodes, and I’m already attached to some of the main characters. I can’t wait to see what’s coming out of that show next. Last night FOX played an encore edition of the latest Glee episode, and I HAD to watch it. Reminded me of how much I love the show. I’m already eager to see what’s coming up in April.

Issues with my class are slowing mending themselves. I’m waiting anxiously for results and praying all ends well. At the end of all this, I will be going out for a celebratory day of really good food. I’m also in the process of cleaning my room, which turned out to be an even greater task than I imagined. The day that it is fully cleaned will be the first in . . . well, who knows how many. All I CAN say is that it will be a day worth mentioning.

A lesson that I’m learning this semester is about money. It’s difficult to budget, and it’s even harder to save. Both are necessary, however, if I’m going to make it on my own come this September.

Until next time . . .

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