Brings Me Back

Posted on March 4, 2010


High school was full of great and terrible memories for me. Last night, I pulled out the good ‘ol yearbook and took a look at the past. It brought back a lot of crazy memories. Actually, I got so flooded with them, they kinda came out all at once for me. Hence, a little amateur poetry to empty my mind:

Band morning practices, nachos on the stands, choir tour friends, making college plans. Teenage drama, bell rings at three, after school job to pay that go-to-school fee. Snackshop cashbox, soda pop machine, clean up messes, death to drama queen.

Supporting actress, music geek, best friend sidekick, never miss a beat. Closet crier, classy clown, crooked teeth, always second seat. Day-time dreamer, faraway crush, teenage rebel, maybe out of touch.

One day high, next day low, third day fine, fourth day throw. Learning, learning, all day long, no academics, just a life song.

High school.

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