2/20 Update

Posted on February 21, 2010


I haven’t posted in a few days (except that last video I just posted), and I’ve been avoiding the urge to post. A LOT has been going on, so for those few who read this, this is for you. Well . . . and for me. *Insert smiley face here*.

It’s been a really rough week for my family. My mom’s good friend, Lynn Johnson, is battling leukemia. My mom’s cousin is in the hospital, and my aunt (my dad’s brother’s recent wife) just got released from the hospital. Meanwhile, my family’s been struggling with a big change that will be coming up in our lives later this year, and I’ve been struggling to get my class finished. I have finally finished it, but there are complications involved, unfortunately. On top of all this, Jake has been sick and into the vet for blood tests to see if there’s something seriously wrong with him. I’ve had more reason to be reaching out to God and praying more than ever.

Jen’s been super busy at NIU preparing for the upcoming opera, her recital, all the while taking classes, teaching students, and working her GA job.

But along with the struggles, there has definitely been good things that have happened as well. With the exception of the past couple weeks severely devoted to homework, I’ve gotten to spend time with friends, some of which I haven’t been able to in a while. The Michael Buble MIXperience concert was a definite highlight of my time at home. Getting to see him close up was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with good friends at Maranatha a few weekends ago. We went iceskating and then headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings. I’m really thankful for the awesome people I got to meet and become close to my last semester! You know who you are ;)

I’ve also gotten my share of TV and movies in while I’ve been home, which has been so awesome since the past four years of my life have been devoted to school! As for TV, I’ve really enjoyed watching The Bachelor (despite the two-faced Vienna and awkward Jake), American Idol (for the first time I’ve gotten to watch it all the way through), Biggest Loser (most of the episodes–it’s so great!), and Project Runway.

As for movies in the theater, since Christmas I’ve seen have been Shutter Island, Valentine’s Day, The Lovely Bones, The Book of Eli, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, and It’s Complicated. Shutter Island definitely met my four star rating. Amazing performance by Leonardo Di Caprio! Avatar was in its own playing field, The Lovely bones had an amazing cast, and It’s Complicated was surprising hilarious with the help of John Krasinski. Despite lower ratings, Valentine’s Day was still really great to me, thanks to Jennifer Garner and Ashton Kutcher especially. Sherlock Holmes was fabulous for the sole reason of Robert Downy Jr. and Jude Law (and I just flat out liked the movie!), and The Book of Eli was most definitely . . . different. But not bad. Just different.

I finally saw Green Mile for the first time today. It gave me more reason to love Tom Hanks. Can the man honestly make a bad movie? I submit not. Love Happens has become a favorite. And really . . . that’s about all I’ve seen in the last 3 or 4 weeks.

Work has been really monotonous since the end of the quarter is coming to a halt, but the people I work with make it enjoyable. I couldn’t ask for a better set up at this point.

It’s good to be home.

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