Still Isn’t Time for eHarmony

Posted on February 14, 2010


I wrote the title clearly for humorous purposes.*

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I really have no great response that swings one way or the other.

Of course, if someone isn’t dating, it almost seems expected that that person should be disappointed, unhappy, take the “I’m-wearing-black-I-just-hate-Valentine’s-Day” approach because being single just isn’t okay on a day like Valentine’s Day.

And then there are those single people who want to feel better about themselves, and don’t want to express vulnerability to those around them. They go to the movies, they buy their own chocolates and they fill their empty vases with a dozen of any color of rose except red.

Frankly, there are about 8500 other kinds of people somewhere in between, around, above, below, and maybe even smack dab in the middle of those two examples. I don’t know.

But I do know myself. Today, the day before Valentine’s Day, offered two options, either of which would have been really enjoyable: (1) going to my best friend’s wedding dress fitting, or (2) meeting up with a good friend and her boyfriend after a long hiatus. I chose the latter, mainly because first, I had only a short time to spare, and second, I hadn’t seen them in a long time.

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, and my parents are leaving to go see my sister a few hours away, take her out to lunch. Meanwhile, 8 lectures, 5 reading assignments, 2 papers, and a final exam await me.

So while tomorrow’s probably not going to be the romantic holiday many couples look forward to, it’s also not going to be the “let’s-turn-the-arrow-on-Cupid” day for me either. There’s comfort and strength, and especially in its cliche kind of way, a reminder that I’m loved, knowing that I have two great parents, a sister, a circle of friends I trust, a God who always loves me, a degree (well, almost!), and a good job. Yet I still see people swim in their own self-pity because they allow one day–one darn holiday–convince them that they’re not okay without a plus one, and therefore have eyes wide open only to the love their dating and married friends have.

I know my time will come . . . eventually. But while I’m single–and frankly, enjoying it–I’m okay giving up one holiday to those who are in love. I get 364 other days in the year to myself. Cupid’s got nothing on me.

*In regards to eHarmony or any other dating website–I have nothing against people who decide to do this. I know people in my own religious circle, friends and family, and just the buzz I’ve heard around, that a lot of times going to eHarmony or or some other website is unacceptable. Frankly, I think that if someone’s serious about finding love and chooses that route, then more power to that person. It takes guts for a person to put him (or her) self out there.

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