The Michael Buble MIXperience

Posted on February 6, 2010


This past Monday, I got to see Michael Buble up close and personal!






4 – MB CONCERT INTRODUCTION (BTW – the woman screaming was literally like on top of me, ha!)

So here’s the story of how I won the tickets:

Two weekends ago, my parents left for out of town to go visit some family. My sister was at grad school over an hour and a half away, so it left me at home flying solo. I was SUPER excited to be on my own. I had schedule plans with friends on Friday and Saturday, and my sister was coming Saturday morning. As it happened, I got canceled on . . . 5 times! It was disappointing.

Every morning, I listen to the Eric and Kathy Show on 101.9 The Mix. I love it! It’s one of my absolutely favorite parts of the day. Anyways, they’re always giving away tickets for concerts or shows, but I never really gave them much thought because every time I’ve attempted to call in to win something, I never get through on the line. Earlier that week, however, I was on Facebook and randomly decided to see whether The Mix had a fan page. Of course, they did, and I’m just . . . well, slow. So I became a fan, and the top post led to a link to their official site, mentioning how there were drawings for this Michael Buble MIXperience event at Walgreen’s downtown Chicago. There was actually a drawing that coming Saturday, when I was home on my own.

Back to the random phone call with a friend–I gave him a call and asked him if he were interested in going downtown with me to try to win these tickets. He said yes, and the following day (Saturday), we drove downtown to this Walgreen’s. When we got there, it was packed with a lot of people, something I didn’t quite expect. We were then told there would be a drawing, and only 4 names would be drawn. This seemed really disappointing since there were over 100 people there, and the odds were low.

I knew I wasn’t going to get my name picked–and I was right! A name was to be drawn every 15 minutes within the hour. The first drawing happened, and of course, nothing. The second drawing, a name was called, but the bumbling idiot–whoever they were!–wasn’t present! So they drew a second name, which happened to be my friend’s! I was completely stunned.

The concert was very short–from 6-8, Buble not even appearing until 7. When we arrived, a girl tried buying my ticket for $100. Yeah, definitely not happening! We got in a stuffed elevator to the top floor of the Wit Hotel, and were then given bracelets to identify that we were permitted there. Inside, it was slightly dark, but it was a great environment with lit candles, spaced out tables, expensive hors d’oeuvres, and happy people with drinks in hand. On the far right side, there was a small stage and about 2-3 rows of people standing. It took about 5 minutes for us to realize that people were already getting their places for when Michael Buble came up. We got there, and unfortunately, stood for 45 minutes behind 3 rows of people, 1 man which was well over 6 ft, and I won’t mention the width.

This concert was an experience unlike anything I’ve ever done. It was worth well over a $100 to me, and Michael Buble talked a lot, cracked some jokes, and really just got on an intimate level with us. There were some crazy fans there!

I wouldn’t have traded this opportunity, and I’m very thankful to see Michael Buble so close! Oh, the memories!!