I Have Decided

Posted on February 4, 2010


I’ve fiddled around with multiple blogs, myspace and facebook profiles, and other Internetish places. However, living up to my title Most Indecisive Person EVER, I have deleted or kept or just changed my mind regarding these other Internet sites. My myspace is long gone and deleted, my facebook is up and running, and my past blogs are stuck somewhere in Internet limbo.

It is time I make a choice and stick with it.

This blog is that choice, and I will stick with it. Mark my next words, I have decided.

No doubt the movie Julie & Julia created thousands of new blogs within the first few weeks of its opening. Who wouldn’t want to create a blog after watching that?

My desire to keep this goes a little further than Julie, though. I’ve sought self-defining and understanding in many venues, but to no avail. My mind is an endless tank of thought, including a desire to play with words. To add to this, a need to vent and share media that makes me laugh, smile, and just give a simple sigh of relief really excites me. Those close to me know I don’t keep much to myself if I can help it.

So here I am, fresh out of college, trying to gain perspective, soak in the business world as a newbie, and reach with out-stretched arms to a world offering few and far between opportunities.

As close as a touch of my fingertips and a lightbulb switch in my head, I’ll always be close by, keystrokes away from letting you know what’s new today.

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